The new modern kitchens all have the oven built, so you no longer have to dance around to get things cooked.

However, there is a new option for space-effective cooking – the electric griddle.

Here on my guide it is now to these mobile griddles. Induction griddle, ceramic griddle and these conventional electric hot plates, as they are known from the past or from the campsite.

Mobile griddle

In each kitchen includes a hob, clear but who says and prescribes it must be admitted, that is incorporated as in most kitchens? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
According to a study people spend too much time with cooking, and spend on average according to this study from March 2015 nearly five and a half hours a week cooking (not taking into account are those who can not cook or want)

Germany therefore occupies fourth from last in comparison. Why you need a Oven Cook have combined? And 30% of people who cook, do it “just for fun”.

One more reason, therefore, “the fun of cooking purely” to own a mobile cooker to take them, if you need another griddle outdoors or with friends.

Mobile griddle

mobile hob
5 other situations in which a mobile griddle is useful

Late evening cooking
Cooking together with friends is currently more popular. But just in smaller kitchens, there is often not enough space on the stove in order to involve all the friends on the preparation of the meal can. A mobile induction griddle may remedy in this case.
If you play with several people cook together, such a griddle is the ideal solution. Thus entirely new possibilities emerge in the kitchen, which are cooking together with friends very beneficial.
The acquisition costs are low, and in addition, such a griddle are well conveyed. So it can when visiting friends easily be taken, and offers the chance to prepare more extensive menus.

Too many guests
Who does not know: an event in your own home is on, and there have been numerous guests announced. This will of course be well cooked. However, the average German cuisine has rarely more than four griddles, which can often lead to logistical bottlenecks. Do you know this however, an additional mobile griddle with induction or in the electric variant, you have a clear advantage in such a situation.

The field provides a full extension for normal kitchen, and can accommodate more pots and pans. Just when the portions are so large that they have to be distributed over several pots, this option is really ideal. So the entire meal can be cooked at once, so that all guests can dine together. A decisive advantage of the mood on your celebration.


Camping is a great way to cheap to spend their holidays, and this amount to offer. Unfortunately, the culinary side stays there often something on the track, because not always provides a possibility to cook yourself. But just when the caravan or the camper does not have a kitchen, can be retrofitted very low here.
A mobile hob here is a very pleasant and practical way, to not having to give up cooking on holiday.

Such a field requires very little space, since it can be stowed in a corner at any time. Nevertheless, simple meals can be prepared here with ease, so not necessarily a restaurant should be consulted. Just by this additional option is the holiday more relaxed.
For the student flat or kitchenette

If your student flat leaves little room to spare, and you’re going anyway like to eat out, a mobile hob with induction for you is definitely a sensible alternative. Thus you have always cook the option itself, without having to sacrifice a valuable part of your course. If required, the mobile hob is built in a matter of seconds.
Since usually only very few students take the time to cook every day, including a mobile hob is sufficient in most cases. After cooking, it disappears just as quickly in the closet, as it was constructed. Concerning the price, it offers also a distinct advantage over a normal stove. If you should discover your feel like cooking, there is still the possibility to switch to a built-in hob.

At work

On the construction simple dishes are commonplace. However, if it should be even more than just a snack, you can you quickly with a mobile hob and simply heat up your food. With some brought along food, this can be easily in the lunch break in a warm meal transform.
Especially on cold days acts a hot lunch wonders, and strengthens for the hard work in the afternoon. In addition, a mobile hob to purchase is not too expensive. Nevertheless, it is fully sufficient to prepare delicious food, whereby the long-awaited lunch a real highlight of the day is hard work.

There are many uses for an electric griddle, and with a decent cooking spray, it’s one of the healthiest cooking tools around.  For more information about electric griddles and finding the best one in 2019, check out Appliance Authority.

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